Verkligheten’s FRANKENSTEIN-tour 2018!

Verkligheten’s FRANKENSTEIN-tour 2018!

In the rainy summer of 1816, a group of friends meet by the shores of Geneva Lake to scare each other with ghost stories. One of the women in the group is the 18-year-old Mary Shelley and inspired by the night, she writes the horror novel ”Frankenstein – the New Prometheus”. In the novel, the young scientist Victor Frankenstein constructs a creature and succeeds in giving it life. Frankenstein cannot bear to see what a hideous being he has created and abandons the monster. The monster turns out to be curious, warm and sincere but is put under immense strain. Alone in the world he decides to take revenge on his creator.

The nine members of the artist group VERKLIGHETEN have worked under the theme ”Frankenstein’s monster” and explore the many sides of the Frankenstein-theme through film, sound, photography, drawing and installation. The artworks bring up topics such as archives, contemporary monsters and experiments in nature that have gone wrong.

The nine members of VERKLIGHETEN are: Gerd Aurell, Fanny Carinasdotter, Ida Hansson, Mia Rogersdotter Olofsson, Mattias Olofsson, Clarissa Siimes, Alexander Svartvatten, Sandra Wasara-Hammare and Helena Wikström,


20 January, 2018

”If I Cannot Inspire Love, I Will Cause Fear”, Köttinspektionen, Uppsala


27 April, 2018

“What Could not be Expected in the Country of Eternal Light” Galleri Box, Göteborg