Till mitten hunnen

Till mitten hunnen is a piece commissioned by Statens konstråd (The Swedish Public Art Agency) for the jail in Umeå. It was made in close dialogue with inmates and prison officer Tomas Norrbo and is built on interviews. It starts with a quote by Dante: ”In the middle of my life journey I was lost in a dark forest”. The piece consists of wall paintings in three corridors and a booklet with the interviews and drawings. It ends with a small book case and another quote by Dante, when he and Virgil finally come up from Hell and see the night sky: ”Then we stepped out to see the stars”

We had two openings, one for staff and official people and one for the inmates. For the openings we had ordered pink marzipan cakes with the blue drawings on them.

Till mitten hunnen/In the Middle of my Life Journey, commissioned piece for the jail in Umeå (Statens konstråd)
Wall painting, book shelf and books
Booklet (layout Helena Wikström)

Till mitten hunnen har följande fotografer:
1. Anna-Karin Drugge
2-4, 6-8 Fanny Carinasdotter
5. Helena Wikström

Ricard Estay’s film, Statens konstråd:

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