Alma Löv Alma Löv Alma Löv Rosa Rosa Rosa

Rosa, 2008-2010
Watercolour, video

Holmöns båtmuseum, 2009
OK!Quoi? -festival, Sackville, N.B., Canada, 2009
"Taking down heaven", Alma Löv, 2010
"Stora frågor för små barn", Sandvikens konsthall, 2011

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Rosa is a project exploring the color pink. The Swedish word for pink is rosa and includes shades from flesh tones to salmon. It is hard to be neutral towards pink - the color of choice for little girls, princesses, romantic women and flamboyant gay men; the color of decadent lingerie, blushes, fluffy pastry and vomit. But pink is also the color of the very vulnerable, of earth worms, newborn mice and human babies. In Rosa it is the soft centre inside of us where our thoughts and feelings are born. The artwork consists of a wall of watercolors in different shades of pink. The imagery circles around innermost thoughts of life, love, sex and death.

In the video work Rosa a girl in a pink dress discusses life and death with two fishes. "All the fishes are really cute but everyone has to die sometime. I think that when you're dead you're still not really dead. You're still someone even though that someone is dead. You are always you but all the same you will die someday and then the earth will be you because you were made out of that earth."

For the OK!Quoi?-festival in Sackville, N.B., Canada, Gerd Aurell asked the music ensemble Motion what the color pink sounds like. This improvised sound was performed together with the video.