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Inifrån (From the Inside), 2007
Drypoint with silkscreened texts, clay and video

Alva kultur, Norrlands Universitetssjukhus, Umeå

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Inifrån (From the Inside)

What sort of a place is a hospital? Our children are born there and our elderly parents die there, it's a place where we are relieved or worried, sad or happy. But what episodes do the nurses and doctors take with them through life? Is it the big drama or the marginal events that mean the most? The start of this art project was my own curiosity about the hospital and the people working there.

I started by interviewing the staff at the University Hospital in Umeå about their experience of happiness and grief in their work. Everyone involved told me two memories: one happy and one sad/angry/frustrated. These memories were then edited and presented with prints (coloured drypoints) of the staff in their daily work. One story was left unedited and presented as it was, as a sound recording. It is the story of a doctor at the cancer clinic who, against all odds, helps a young, sick woman to go home once more before she dies. This story was presented in a dark room where two tiny projected figures (a doctor and a patient) listen to the same story as the gallery visitor.