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En annan stad är möjlig
(Another City is Possible), 2008

Installation with flowers, wooden pallets and cable-drums
In collaboration with Helena Wikström

MADE-festivalen with NorrlandsOperan and Umeå kommun

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En annan stad är möjlig

En annan stad är möjlig (Another City is Possible) was an installation with flowers made especially for the 2008 MADE festival outside Norrlandsoperan in Umeå. The piece was inspired by another city: Istanbul. Istanbul?s beautiful mosque, Hagia Sofia, was in our version just emerging out of the pavement of Operaplan in Umeå. The work was installed during the night in order to give the citizens of Umeå a nice surprise to wake up to. We organized utopian discussions in the installation, discussions focusing on what to change and add to our own city. We met and talked to groups of students, teenagers and elderly women. Many good ideas were presented through these discussions: more meeting places in public spaces, no traffic in the city centre and walkways along both sides of the river. The elderly ladies hoped for more benches along the central hikes in Gammliaskogen. ?We hardly dare go in there! Where should we rest our feet?? The work is a comment on the many construction projects going on in Umeå and on the democratic process preceding them.