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Filosofer Linnéa Korpilombolo Obbola Daniel Slakteri björnskalle Västerbotten Jasmine Vilhemina

Philosophers and Aesthetics in Sandvik: Linnéa Axelsson with a book of handwritten poetry given to her by her beloved
From Bolombolo to Korpilombolo: Liselotte och Johanna Ridefors with an "I love you"-heart
M/S Obbola: Daniel Arnesson with his snuff-box
Ammarnäs vilt: Tomas Johansson with a bear's skull
Västerbotten: Jasmine Sandström with her dressed-up teddy bear
Vilhelmina Folkets hus

Portraits in a Painted Landscape , 2003-07
In collaboration with Helena Wikström

Västerbottens Museum, Silvermuséet, Vilhelmina Folkets Hus

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Portraits in a Painted Landscape

Since we are both fascinated by early 20th century portrait photography with painted backgrounds, we wanted to create an artwork that took these photographs as its starting point. We both live and work in Västerbotten, one of the northern-most regions in Sweden, and we imagined that we would find paintings of an idealized västerbottnian nature behind the early portraits of people from this region. Instead, what we found were backgrounds of idealized Mediterranean landscapes with columns and lush greenery, even though the portrayed people were living in a boreal landscape in the north of Sweden. In the first series of photographs we did for "Portraits in a Painted Landscape", Västerbotten, we wanted to portray people in front of a painting of their actual landscape.

In the early 20th century portraits the person is often holding an object: a flower-pot or a photograph of a deceased family member. We liked the idea that there would be an extra center in the photograph and that this center would consist of an object that the person in the photograph had chosen themself. Therefore we asked all the people we photographed to bring an object that was important to them. This is an ongoing project and we have so far completed eight photographic series.