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Fishes of the world Meet the natives Meet the natives Fåglarna i färg Korean medical plants Swedish Plants

Fishes of the world, 1995
Meet the Natives and Noxious Weeds, 2007
Meet the Natives and Noxious Weeds, 2007
Fåglarna i färg, 1995
Korean medical plants, 2007
Swedish Plants, 1995

Drawing performance
Galleri Andersson Sandström, Umeå, Sweden
Holter Museum, Helena, Montana, USA
Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

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Swedish Plants

"Swedish Plants" was originally a performance piece that I did in an empty factory building. In this first performance (1995) I also had drawings of fishes and birds and they all made up different black forms. My aim was to undo a structured and organised way of looking at nature, a de-organization of nature. The "Father of Botany" was a Swede (Carl Linneaus, born 1707) and I wanted to complicate his scientific way of looking at nature. By drawing all the plants in a Swedish botanical book, one on top of the other, I felt that I was setting the plants free into chaos. It was the act of drawing that was important to me that first time, not the image. I had no idea what sort of image I would end up with. But as the drawing got blacker and blacker, I started to like the complexity of it.

In the Montana version (2007), I worked with Rocky Mountain plants from a book called "Meet the Natives". I added noxious weeds, to create a sort of plants? battle on the museum wall. The drawing was done directly on the wall in the Holter Museum of Art in Helena, Montana, as a part of the exhibition "International Language". In Montana, noxious weeds (i.e. imported European plants) are taking over the prairie and pressing back the native grasses and plants. The European plants are sweet symbols of home from a European point of view, but in this fragile ecosystem they become monstrous threats. Another version of this drawing, "Korean Medical Plants", was performed in Seoul 2007.