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Be My Baby, 2005
Prams with embroidery

Pleasures from Sweden, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan, Poland

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Be My Baby

We have all been babies and slept in a pram. Our parents drove us around and decided where we should go and when we should go there. They mostly drove us to places that were good for us. Still, it was always on their terms. Parents have the power to control another human being, but this also means that they one day will be held responsible for how things turned out.

Many adult relationships are unequal in a similar way. Who is passive and who is active? Who decides things in a family? Some human interaction is openly unequal, while some is unequal in a much more subtle way. These prams are built for grown-ups. You now have a unique opportunity to re-experience one of your earliest memories. Hush, little baby, don't you cry!

A series of three different prams for grownups, each with a piece of embroidery in the hood. In order to properly see the artwork (the embroidery) you had to lie down in the pram.