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The Tattooed Room, 2001
Walldrawings with projected comics
In collaboration with Anneli Furmark

Galleri 54, Gothenburg and Transmission, Glasgow, Scotland

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The Tattooed Room

The word "tattoo" means drawing and soul. A tattoo must be true to its bearer since it is impossible to remove or change. In this artwork we wanted to allow large scale drawings to fill a room. We also wanted to explore images that we felt were intimate or private. Significant for tattooed images is their close relationship to passion. Without it being planned, the drawings we made in the first Tattooed Room were all about love and passion.

Since we both work with comics and animated film, we also added projected images to The Tattooed Room. The comics were presented as slideshows, with the visitors working the projectors themselves. On the opening, we showed the comics as slide-show performances. By showing the drawings one by one and reading out the lines as we went along, we wanted to transform them into something new, closer to acting or public readings. The contrast between these two aspects of drawing also appealed to us: the ever changing projections and the fixed drawings on the walls.