Against Time Against Time Against Time Against Time Against Time Holter Museum

Against Time, 2000
Acryllic paint on plywood

BildMuseet, Umeå
International Language Holter Museum of Art, Helena, Montana, USA

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Against Time

Against Time is based on a book: Walker Evans: Photographs for the Farm Security Administration 1935-38. This book is more of a catalogue than a book of art. It contains 488 small reproductions of all Walker Evan's documentary FSA photographs. By memorizing the photographs and using one detail of each, I wanted to create a mirror of today's world. The book contains photographs of urbanization, natural catastrophes like floods and draughts, refugee camps, billboards with the same big companies that we have today, and pictures of people working hard and not getting paid for their work.

Against Time is an act of memorization. I wanted to remember every one of those 488 photographs and through them Walker Evans' critical eye on the world. As a way of memorizing the photographs, I chose one detail from each, a detail which I thought was a key to the picture as a whole. I then made a small drawing of the detail. Against Time consists of the 488 details, enlarged and painted with acrylic on plywood.

This piece was first shown at Bild Museet in Umeå in 2000. The 488 details filled the floor of a room, like a giant puzzle. I wanted the artwork to be in constant change, so visitors were welcome to rearrange the pieces on the floor. Against Time is the heaviest drawing I have ever made. For the Holter Museum in Helena (2007) I have made a special lightweight version of this piece.