Film Bed Transmission

Observation XVI: the Ghost of the Hospital Ward, 2001
Animated film

Galleri Andersson Sandström, Umeå
Open, Hanoi Art Academy Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Observation XVI: the Ghost of the Hospital Ward

Observation XVI: the Ghost of the Hospital Ward This animated film was originally made for Stefan Andersson Gallery in Umeå, Sweden. The gallery is situated in Umedalen, an area that was formerly a mental hospital. All the hospital buildings are still there, but they are transformed and now contain companies, restaurants and schools. The film is inspired by a black-and-white photograph from the mental hospital in the 1930s. The photograph shows a hospital room with eight beds. It?s in the middle of the day and all the beds are neatly made. It took me several minutes to realize that there actually was a patient in every one of the beds! You could hardly see them because the beds were so securely made. The photograph made me think of the fine line between compassion and oppression. The film is made up of hundreds of drawings of hospital beds from different angles. The film is a reminder of all the people who dwelled in Umedalen before us.