Galleri 60 Galleri 60 Bror Hjorts hus

Ett skepp kommer lastat, 1994
In collaboration with Anna Erlandson

Galleri 60, Umeå and Bror Hjorts Hus, Uppsala

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Ett skepp kommer lastat

This artwork was a discussion carried out in drawing. It was performed every evening for one week, making a total of 7 separate discussions. One discussion normally took about 2 hours and the gallery room was open, allowing visitors to come and go. The setting was a white room, empty except for two chairs and 21 rolls of paper on the walls. The performance started when one of us drew the first picture. We didn?t decide beforehand what topics to discuss, instead the person who did the first drawing of the evening got to decide the direction of the discussion. The other person then responded with a drawing and the discussion continued until the 21 papers each had a drawing on them. No words were spoken during this performance, instead everything had to be expressed through the drawings. We had to make the drawings very distinct in order to get our point across. We discussed topics like the art world, competition, feminism, our mothers and politics.

The title "Ett skepp kommer lastat (Ship Comes Loaded)" comes from a Swedish children's game. In the game you send an imaginary ship back and forth between you, making the load up as you go along. If you for example send a load of apples you could get a load of bananas back. We thought this very simple game could be used as a tool to explore human communication.